Merchants from Ethiopia and Mexico Visited Songuo
  2024-05-31 16:30:54
On May 29, Ethiopian and Mexican merchants visited Songguo successively to negotiate on expanding and cooperating on overseas market matters.

Ethiopia, located in northeast Africa and known as the "Roof of Africa," has its economy mainly based on agriculture and animal husbandry, with a weak industrial foundation and a significant demand for transport vehicles in the market. Mexico, the fifth largest country in America in terms of area and the fourteenth largest globally, is also one of the centers of ancient Indian culture in theAmerican continent, with a significant demand for daily commuting vehicles in the market.

The merchants visited the Songguo production workshop, understanding the production process, various series of products and configurations, export order delivery status, etc., and had in-depth discussions on sales systems, after-sales service networks, etc.

According to official data released, in 2023, China's total automotive output value exceeded the real estate industry for the first time, accounting for close to 10% of the national GDP, becoming China's primary economic pillar, with automotive product exports also becoming an important component of the "new three commodities."