The Signing Ceremony of Songuo Motors and Korea M&M21 was held in our city.
  2018-07-26 11:14:00
On July 26, the signing ceremony of Songuo Motors and Korea M&M21 was held in our city. Feng Rusheng, deputy director of the Dezhou Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, member of the Party Committee of Dezhou City Government, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Dezhou High-tech Zone, Director of the Management Committee, and Zhang Anmin, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee attended the signing ceremony.

Feng Rusheng, on behalf of the Dezhou Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government, congratulated Songuo Motors Co., Ltd. and Korea M&M21 for signing and cooperation. He pointed out that the work of Yucheng has always been at the forefront of Dezhou. It is the forerunner of the new and old kinetic energy conversion in Dezhou, and the pioneer of coordinated development. The metal, electronics and energy industries in Dangjin, Korea have developed rapidly and played an important role in Korea. It is hoped that the two sides will take advantage of this signing opportunity to strengthen cultural exchanges and business cooperation. It is also hoped that the city will continue to vigorously introduce projects and gather talents, and make new and greater contributions to the accelerated construction of collaborative development demonstration zones in Dezhou.


Zhang Anmin pointed out that in recent years, Yucheng’s “to emphasiaze, favor, enrich & comfort the merchants” have made full use of the "national named" platform of the Dezhou National High-tech Zone, attracting many foreign companies to invest in the industry.


Korea's Dangjin and Yucheng have great potential for cooperation in many aspects and have broad space for cooperation. It is hoped that Dangjin and Yucheng will take Songuo Motors and M&M21 as bridges to expand cooperation on a wider and deeper level and build a good friendship. Yucheng will provide the best service for the project, create an optimal environment, and help the enterprise to become bigger and stronger.

Jin Jizai, President of the Dangjin City Council of Korea, Tim Shin, CEO of Songuo Motors, and Jin Minrun, Chairman of Korea M&M21, respectively delivered speeches, saying that they will strengthen cooperation by this signing and under the support of the municipal government in Dezhou and Yucheng, the project will achieve the expected goals, create an international brand, and promote the development and breakthrough of Songuo Motors.

Under the witness of the leaders and guests, Tim Shin, the CEO of Songuo Motors Co., Ltd., signed the contract with Korea M&M21.

Zhou Liang, deputy secretary of the party committee of the municipal government, deputy secretary of the party committee of the high-tech zone, and deputy director of the management committee, presided over the signing ceremony. City leaders Li Yumei, Li Wenqiang and Li Chunhou attended the signing ceremony.

Before the signing ceremony, Feng Rusheng and Zhang Anmin and other leaders attended the meeting with guests from Dangjin, South Korea. Accompanied by Li Yumei, guests from Dangjin, South Korea also visited some enterprises in our city.