Professor Zhao Hongxia from Shandong University visited Songuo
  2024-04-03 17:08:45
Zhao Hongxia, deputy director of the Refrigeration and Cryogenics Research Institute at the College of Energy and Power Engineering of Shandong University, as well as the deputy county mayor of Wucheng, visited Songuo on 1st, April.

The College of Energy and Power Engineering at Shandong University was established in 2000 and is an important talent cultivation base in the field of energy efficient, clean, and low-carbon conversion and utilization in China. Professor Zhao is a member of the Youth Committee of the Thermodynamics and Energy Utilization Division of the Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics, an expert reviewer for the National Natural Science Foundation of China, a standing committee member of the Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Professional Committee of the Shandong Refrigeration Society, a registered national power engineer, and holds a doctoral degree in fluid mechanics from Rutgers University in the United States. Her main research areas include air conditioning and heat pumps, ejectors, renewable energy, heat and mass transfer, thermal energy storage, refrigeration and cold storage, and energy conservation and emission reduction.

During the visit, Professor Zhao and her team toured the showroom and assembly workshop, received an introduction to the relevant projects, and held discussions. Both parties will work together to promote cooperation in the utilization of new energy.