About Songuo
New EV Company with Unlimited Growth Potential
With respect for the industry and technology, Songuo insists on all core technologies being researched and developed based on strong global R&D capability with creative manufacturing process in new materials, new technology, and continuous exploration in the automotive industry. 
Songuo achieved global output in technology, products and brand not only through local assembly SKD but also with prduction localization of various platforms and local sales.
Songuo will lead the innovation and transformation of future vehicles with tailored customization of global markets and products.
About Technology
Through ten years of continuous development, Songuo completed industrial innovation in prototypes with new materials, new technologies, new manufacturing methods, and new models.
Due to the new materials and new production processes, project investment and product costs are significantly lower, resulting in 30% lower in sales price for the end-users compared to the traditional automotive products, making it one of the most cost-effective automobile products in the EV industry.  In the upcoming three years, Songuo will strengthen research and development in comprehensive technologies, such as hybrid technologies, intelligent systems, and other diversified techonologies; and continuously cultivate the company's innovation and core competitiveness.
About Products
Songuo has completed R&D and manufactured 22 prototypes and test-drove vehicles including SUVs, logistic vehicles, compact vehicles, covering all types of passenger cars and commercial vehicles.
Songuo's first passenger car and commercial vehicle's testdriving started in September of 2019 through May of 2020 respectively in South Korea.
Mass production of 4 models and 5 products will start processing and will be delivered throughout the world by the end of 2020. In the first half of 2021, the first SUV will inversely be imported into China after it has been assembled at one of Songuo's overseas SKD plant. Mass production and launching of more products, such as hypercar and large medium-sized buses, are planned for the next three years ahead.

About Markets
From the beginning, Songuo established and launched towards global markets. The automotive modules produced at the Dezhou High-Tech Zone Base will be shipped as KD moudule parts to SKD plants around the world and sold locally after its final assembly. Songuo will take its stake in joint venture with global partners in exchange for stock and provide technology, market authorization and brand ownership to our global partners. Songuo has signed with 58 overseas partners for SKD assembly plants and distribution, and received advance order of nearly 800,000 vehicles for various models.