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  2019-05-21 10:18:00

On the morning of May 14th, the delegation of provincial project promotion meeting of new and old kinetic energy conversion and commendation conference of attracting investors and talents led by Liu Jiayi Secretary of provincial Party committee and Gong Zheng Deputy Secretary of provincial Party committee and provincial governor comes to Yucheng and visits two key projects supported by Shandong Province including New Energy Equipment Industrial Park in high-tech zone of Dezhou and Yineng New Energy CO, .LTD. with annual output of 300mw solar cells. The delegation is impressed with the scale, strength and prospect and have a deeper understanding of Yucheng’s development. They have a high hopes that Yucheng will embrace a promising future. The following is high-tech products manufactured in Yucheng.


New Energy Equipment Industrial Park in high-tech zone of Dezhou

In exhibition center, there are some products manufactured by 24 enterprises that already landed in New Energy Equipment Industrial Park. First, the Hoston G-WIT new material is continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite materials featuring light-weight, high-strength, environmental friendly and recyclable. Presently, the materials are massively used in transport including logistic truck, refrigerated truck and recreational vehicle for export. The weight of the container is reduced by nearly half but it still has the same safety and strength, and it is in line with the principle of energy-saving, environmental friendly and green.



The combustion engine made by SONGUO Engine Tech is able to convert liquefied petroleum gas into power with an energy utilization rate of 97%. SONGUO is one of the only two companies that master the technology around the world.


The third is SONGUO electric vehicles, the core products in the park. The vehicles have three greatest advantages compared with a large number of electric vehicles. Firstly, as the first company in China that features forward R&D of its core technology and passes EU safety certification, it adopts innovative new materials, procedure and technologies, overturning traditional vehicle processing technique that lasts for more than 130 years. Its space frame structure chassis and exclusive chromatic polymer injection-molded body in the world have no processing technique of stamping, welding and coating, and complete in one time. Moreover, scratches against the body can be dealt with polishing instead of sheet metal and painting. The showroom displays 12 kinds of vehicles, spanning motorcycle, A0 compact car, SUV and Pickup truck. Secondly, SONGUO MOTORS has advanced core technologies with high degree of export orientation. Its unique SKD assembly technology makes the products assembly like blocks building. SONGUO MOTORS headquarters locates in Yucheng, and plans to set up more than 40 SKD assembly plants globally, so as to make Yucheng benefit from it and build global brand. The vehicles is equipped with efficient AC motor and electronic control system, achieving 93.7% energy conversion rate comparable to the world leading vehicle companies. Its exclusive charging and battery swapping system can be swapped in two minutes and charged rapidly in ten minutes for 500 kilometers driving. Thirdly, SONGUO MOTORS’ projects adopt chain development。Thirteen upstream and downstream industrial chain are integrated and SONGUO MOTORS plays a core role, forming complete industrial chain from basic support and core technology to upper application. At the Seoul Motor Show on March 29th, 2019, SONGUO MOTORS is the only Chinese vehicle company that brings complete vehicles including 12 kinds, which changes the views about futuristic vehicles and “made by China” of the international community. During the Motor Show, SONGUO MOTORS concludes distribution contracts with markets of 46 countries equal to 506 million USD. Till now, the amount of contracts reaches 688 million USD.


Yineng New Energy solar power battery project

Yineng’s products have three advantages compared with common solar power battery. First, the components that achieve mass production can realize the solar power conversion rate of 18.72%, a new world record, which passes the globally authoritative certification of TüV Rheinland Group. Second, it adopts processing technology without cadmium, using zinc rather than cadmium, which fundamentally solves the cadmium pollution problem in manufacturing, using and recycling of copper indium gallium selenium batteries. Third, Yineng has varied products with extensive using, which can be used in making sunshade, pavement and backpack. It features stone-imitated, chromatic, euphotic and special-shaped, and customized design according to customers’ demand about color and shape. The products are particularly suitable to Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV). As the exterior of buildings, the products can provide better service to energy-saving and environmental-friendly society construction. Yineng New Energy solar power makes every construction become a power station.