Yucheng: High-quality Development to Achieve the "Five Rankings Rising " of the Top 100 Counties
  2019-10-17 16:43:00

On October 8th, the research results of 2019 China's small and medium-sized cities' scientific development index were released. For the fourth consecutive year, Yucheng was listed in top 100 counties and cities in the country, rising from 100 to 84, and became one of the few “five rankings rising” counties in the province for two years. Great achievements have made the best annotation for the successful practice of promoting high quality development of Yucheng.

Currently, the Korean management team of SONGUO Motors Co., Ltd. is instructing workers to conduct the installation and commissioning of the production equipment of the injection molding, body and final assembly workshops, and will conduct the trial production at the end of the year.

Through the introduction of the Songuo New Energy Vehicle Project, Yucheng has already driven more than 20 supporting enterprises. It took just one and a half years that the new energy vehicles industry has grown from nothing to something, forming a Songuo New Energy Equipment Industrial Complex with Songuo Motors Co., Ltd. as the main body. Focusing on large projects and relying on large projects, the city aims at four major industries, including high health, high-end equipment, new energy and new materials, and a number of potential industries, focusing on precision investment and supporting the construction of industrial complexes.


The construction of industrial complex and the gathering of new industries have also promoted the rapid advancement of the urban revitalization strategy of the city. LunZhen Town has seized the opportunity of Yucheng (as one of the 33 rural and system reform pilot counties in the country) through “Rural Land Market Transfer” and “Rural residential land reform”, Integration of land and other means to replace land indicators, and adjustment to industrial complex development projects in different places. At present, LunZhen Town has planned to build a rural innovation and entrepreneurship complex, covering an area of 2,400 mu, and 45 enterprises have been introduced.


At present, there are 7 professional industrial complexes in Dezhou High-tech Zone, which can hold 260 projects, and 7 township industrial complexes with 97 projects. This year, 22 people from high-level talents were introduced to Yucheng, and one person was successfully applied to the national “Ten-thousand Talents Program” and entered the on-site inspection of the Taishan Industry Leadership Project. Yucheng was awarded 8 major innovation projects in the province, accounting for 40% of the total number of projects in Dezhou.