SONGUO Motors meets the supervision and evaluation of the coordinated development of Dezhou City in 2019
文章来自:Yucheng News   2019-10-23 15:06:00

On the afternoon of October 22, Chen Yong, secretary of the Dezhou Municipal Party Committee, and deputy secretary of the Dezhou Municipal Committee and Mayor Liu Bingguo led the participants of the Dezhou Collaborative Development Supervision and Appraisal Activities in 2019 to visit Yucheng to supervise and evaluate the economic and social development in 2019.

Accompanied by Zhang Anmin, member of the Standing Committee of the Dezhou Municipal Committee, secretary-general of the Municipal Committee, and secretary of the Municipal Committee, and Teng Haiqiang, deputy secretary of the Yucheng Municipal Committee and the mayor, Mr. Chen Yong led the participants to the final station, New Energy Equipment Industrial Complex of Dezhou Hign-tech Zone, of the new and old kinetic energy conversion project in the province.



With the core of SONGUO Motors, New Energy Equipment Industrial Complex of the High-tech Zone is a new material and new energy vehicle industry cluster. The project adopts an innovative model of government-led industrial guidance, third-party investment and construction, and enterprise operations by project-side. Since its launch in March 2018, the construction of the main production areas such as the three major workshops and R&D center has been completed, and the construction of supporting plants have also been started. The entire project will be put into production at the end of 2020, and the “Speed of the Yucheng” will be refreshed.

The core projects of the industrial complex include Songuo Motors, G-songguo Composite Materials, Songuo Engine Technology & Powertrain, and Songuo Samsung International Logistics Complex. The tradition-overthrow on body materials, forward developing of core technologies, output of brand and technology, the clustering development of industrial projects, and the advanced and high-end industrial model are the outstanding features of industrial complexes and projects.



In the production workshop of Songuo Motors, Chen Yong and Liu Bingguo and other city leaders were very interested. They visited the injection molding, body and assembly workshops along the long visit corridor and listened carefully to the reports on core technologies and market development. In the injection molding workshop, the body panel just off the assembly line is still warm. Zhou Haiyan, the chairman of Songuo Motors, gave a detailed introduction to the specific situation of the product in terms of technology and quality control. The unpainted color polymer body panel and plastic-steel integrated molding technology make Songuo Motors to be No. 1 in the world and only one in China for several times.

At present, the company has completed the R&D and manufacturing of 8 automobile platforms, 20 prototypes and test drives, and will complete more than 40 SKD final assembly plants in the world in the next 3 years. On September 30, SONGUO Motors’ first models TORO reviewed by the Korean Ministry of Transport and Safety and licensed for driving on the road. After the project is completed, it will realize economic benefits in Dezhou, technology and brand expansion in the world.



The development of the new energy equipment industrial complex is in harmony with the overall development of the Dezhou High-tech Zone and the Yucheng City. The smooth progress of the project also gives the company the determination and confidence to build a world-class new energy vehicle enterprise in Yucheng and Dezhou.

Secretary Chen Yong pointed out that Dezhou people have had the Car Dream for many years. Today, based on new materials, new technologies and new processes, Songuo Motors with a new concept of design, R&D and construction is of great significance to the development of Dezhou. I hope that all the leaders of Dezhou City who are present should unify their thoughts, understand SONGUO, pay attention to SONGUO, and cherish SONGUO. Dezhou must set up a special work team to fully serve the development of the enterprises. It is necessary to support the projects from various aspects such as industrial planning, brand building, and marketing promotion, and appear at the right time and deny nothing.


In the end, Secretary Chen Yong emphasized that it is necessary to concentrate all factors on the major enterprises and advantageous projects. With so many outstanding enterprises, the people of Dezhou have the ability and confidence to walk out of a new path of characteristic industry development.

Through the past two hours of supervision and appraisal activities, the large-scale and new momentum of the high-quality development of Yucheng has left a deep impression on the inspectors and appraisers. What’s more impressive is that the cadres and the masses are of one mind, brave to be responsible and pragmatic with innovation. Under the strong leadership of the municipal government of Dezhou and Yucheng, the Songuo industry project will continue to adhere to scientific and technological innovation, become the benchmark of the industry, and contribute to the construction of the Dezhou Synergy Development Demonstration Zone.