【Yucheng News】Yucheng held a special conference on Songuo new energy equipment industrial Complex project
文章来自:Yucheng News   2019-12-18 15:01:00

On December 17, the city held a special conference of the Songuo New Energy Equipment Industrial Complex project to listen to the project progress report, study the actual problems encountered in the project construction, and promote and accelerate the project for a healthy development. Zhang Anmin, member of the Standing Committee, Secretary-General of the CPC Dezhou Municipal Committee, and secretary of the Yucheng Municipal Committee presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Teng Haiqiang, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, attended the meeting.


Zhang Anmin pointed out that the Songuo New Energy Equipment Industrial Complex project is a key project of the province and Dezhou. The first important project in Yucheng, with a large investment, a new construction model, tight time requirements, and strong driving capacity. Up to now, the project has gathered the strong support of the whole city, and the hard work of the Songuo team. At present, the project has frequent good news, advance triumphantly, and its radiant driving force and social influence have risen rapidly. In general, in the face of arduous tasks and expectations at all levels, the project construction has reached a critical point in a critical period, and the relevant departments must further promote the project construction in a spirit of commitment and fully accelerate the project construction process.


Zhang Anmin requires that extraordinary measures should be taken at key nodes. To do our best to serve the development of the project, especially when the project is about to reach the critical moment of mass production for the market, all work is complicated and overlapped. It is necessary to highlight the key points and special methods for special issues, and provide strong support on policies, funds, talents, and the environment. We will spare no effort to promote the project to turn the cocoon into a butterfly, make it bigger and stronger, and make full use of it. It is necessary to coordinate the deployment of funds, accelerate the construction of projects, broaden financing channels, accelerate the availability of funds, and ensure the current construction of various projects. Construction supervision units must effectively take responsibility, follow closely, strictly supervise, and seriously monitor to ensure the construction of high-quality projects. It is necessary to coordinate efficiently, speed up project procedures, and break through the inherent process constraints in accordance with the special situations and time requirements sorted out by the construction unit. Departments at all levels should follow the unified deployment of the municipal party committee and municipal government, unify thinking, cooperate closely, take the initiative to contact with service, and make every effort to promote the early commissioning of the project to achieve mass production.


Teng Haiqiang, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, put forward requirements for the specific work of the project. He requested that the Songuo New Energy Equipment Industrial Complex enter the key nodes that are about to achieve effectiveness, and relevant departments and units should further inspire, proactively contact with services, make a list of issues, and solve problems one by one to provide more excellent service and create a better environment. Relevant responsible units should further raise awareness, clarify work tasks, strengthen work measures, and ensure that all projects are advanced efficiently and orderly in accordance with time nodes and schedule requirements with a strong sense of responsibility and mission.

Zhou Liang, Wang Jianguo, Li Wenqiang and Li Chunhou, Government officials of Yucheng, attended the meeting.

Source: Yucheng News