Vice Governor Ling Wen visits Yucheng for investigation
文章来自:Yucheng News   2020-03-20 14:24:00

On the morning of March 20th, Ling Wen, Vice Governor, led the delegation of 10 people, including Ji Binchang, Provincial Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Tan Xuguang, Chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd., Chairman of Weichai Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Chairman of National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd, came to Yucheng for investigation. Zhang Anmin, Member of the Standing Committee, Secretary-General of the CPC Dezhou Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Yucheng Committee, Ma Junyun, Deputy Mayor of Dezhou, and Teng Haiqiang, Li Wenqiang, and Li Chunhou, leaders of Yucheng, accompanied the visit.



In the Songuo New Energy Equipment Industrial Complex, which is the provincial key project, Ling Wen carefully checked the operation of Songuo Motors’s injection molding workshop, body workshop, and final assembly workshop, and learned more about project planning, market expansion, and industrial chain support.



After listening to the introduction of Zhou Haiyan, chairman of Songuo Motors, Ling Wen pointed out that new materials vehicles are the direction of future development. Through the core technology innovation, Songuo Motors adopts unique new materials and new processes of non-stamping, no-welding, and painting-free production, overthrowing the traditional process, with energy saving, recyclable, environmental protection, and lightweight and other unique advantages, which has a bright future. He hoped that Songuo would continue to strengthen the research and innovation of new energy technologies, improve the technological competitiveness of its products with combining advanced carbon fiber production technology of our province, to create a new direction and new upland for the automotive industry chain. The provincial government and the municipal governments of Dezhou and Yucheng will share no effort to support the development of enterprises and help enterprises solve practical problems encountered in development.

After knowing that Songuo not only produces new energy vehicles, but also engages in the production of new materials and modular buildings, Ling Wen pointed out that Yucheng, as the "main battlefield" of Dezhou's economic development, introduced and conducted the construction of the Songuo New Energy Vehicle Industrial Complex with good projects and large projects, having reasonable industrial structure, strong technological support, obvious development advantages, and strong growth in emerging industries. We must continue to increase scientific and technological innovation, continue to extend the industrial chain, stimulate intrinsic motivation, and contribute more to the high-quality development of the province, in the next step.

Source: Yucheng News