“Warm Welcome for Foreign Guests and Jointly Celebrate Chinese New Year” Korean staff of Songuo Motors participated the foreign-related New Year fraternity
  2024-01-31 17:06:25
In order to further strengthen the exchange of foreign personnel into Yucheng city, implement the "talent and wisdom" policy, and help promote the high-quality development of the "Belt and Road" construction, on January 27, Yucheng Entry-exit Administration of Ministry of Public Security and foreign-related enterprises jointly held the "Welcome foreign guests, share the Chinese Year" fraternity, Korean employee representatives from Songuo Motors participated in the event.

In the Yucheng Entry-exit Administration Hall, a unique tea party was held in a cheerful and festive atmosphere. Yucheng Entry-exit Administration of Ministry of Public Security brigade commander Zhan Dezhen presided over the activity, Shao Chuanquan, deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, delivered a passionate speech, detailed introduction of Chinese traditional culture and Spring Festival customs, the municipal Public Security Bureau exit-entry brigade instructor An Liangyu participated in the activity, and employees of foreign-related enterprises exchanged speeches.

In order to fully understand the traditional Chinese culture, the Spring Festival fraternity also arranged a manual dumplings part, so that foreign friends are able to deeply experience the new year, meanwhile, deeply feel the charm of traditional Chinese food culture, and join Yucheng people happily to share the Chinese New Year.

The Entry-exit Administration of Ministry of Public Security always pay close attention to the work and life of foreign employees of enterprises, solve their concerns, make everyone feel warmth and care in a foreign country, better integrate into the enterprise family, and facilitate the sustainable and high-quality economic development.