Songuo carried out information security and system training
  2023-12-13 11:05:20
In order to further strengthen the construction of enterprise information security, improve employee information security awareness and protection capabilities, while strengthening the implementation of rules and regulations, improving the execution of work, recently Songuo carried out comprehensive information security and system training activities, jointly organized by the enterprise management center and the comprehensive service department, participated by representatives of all departments.

This training is divided into two parts. The first part is the company's rules and regulations training. Through the lecturer's explanation and case analysis, employees' understanding and cognition are improved. The second part is computer security training, mainly from the aspects of data security, privacy security, software use, etc., popularize information security protection knowledge, improve information protection skills, and strengthen information security management.

To improve the training effect and enhance the enthusiasm of employees, the training is also interspersed with games. This training and learning will play a positive and effective role in enhancing the implementation of rules and regulations, improving information security awareness, establishing a correct concept of network security and improving basic prevention skills.