Winter safety training carried out at Songuo
  2023-11-28 16:39:06
Nowadays, the winter is cold and the weather is dry, which is the frequent season of fire accidents, traffic accidents and personal injury accidents. In order to ensure the personal safety of the company's employees and prevent all kinds of safety accidents, on November 27, in the multifunctional hall on the first floor of the comprehensive office building, the company organized a winter safety special training activity, and employees of various departments participated in the training.

The theme of this training is winter fire prevention and control, electricity safety and traffic safety, by the comprehensive service Department of the environment director Zhai Honggang lectured. The training explained the importance of winter safety prevention, reminding everyone to keep safe at all times, to achieve production safety, work safety, traffic safety. The training also showed the accident cases with warning significance provided by the traffic police force to remind everyone to strengthen safety awareness. 

"Safety and prevention come first". This safety training aims to further improve the safety awareness and knowledge level of the majority of employees, deepen the safety awareness and responsibility of employees in all departments, and lay a good foundation for safe production and life. 

Songuo has been attaching importance to safety education and training work for many years, and the development of this safety education and training is an important performance of the enterprise to actively fulfill the main responsibility of safety, and it is also the embodiment of the process of people-oriented of the enterprise. In the next step, the company will, as always, continue to do a good job in safety education and training, and provide a strong guarantee for the company to continue to do a good job in safety production.