Songuo’s first batch of tricycles are packed and shipped in KD model
  2023-11-14 17:02:31
In Songuo Industrial Park, on November 11, while it is still early winter and the wind is already biting, front-line workers are busy in full swing. Container trucks are neatly arranged at the storage gate, waiting for the first batch of export three-wheel vehicles to be packed and shipped in KD model. Before shipment, this batch of products has successfully passed the international SGS pre-shipment inspection.

The three-wheeled vehicles exported this time, including taxis, kiosk vehicle, vendor vehicle and other series of models, will be exported in the form of parts and components. After arriving at the port, they will be assembled at the local KD factory and delivered to customers. According to the overseas market layout, four of the 11 products in the Songuo tricycle series have completed local domestic product registration and have entered into the African rental, freight and retail markets, providing convenience and benefits to the production and life of local residents. At the same time, it has laid a good foundation for Songuo’s products entering the African market. It is reported that Songuo's first passenger car has passed the local national registration on October 13 and is currently in trial operation.

In order to further reduce production and logistics costs, new batches of products using new processes have been ordered and are expected to be assembled at the end of November. After completing the verification of the new process, Songuo's tricycle production will no longer be limited by monthly production capacity. The transportation will change from the previous three complete vehicles in one container to the current one in parts, and the subsequent container loading capacity will likely increase, greatly reducing costs, improving efficiency and profits.