Korean employees of Songuo joint the Dragon Boat Festival activity of Dayu cultural & industrial center
  2023-06-25 17:06:39
The Dragon Boat Festival is soon to come as the hots summer arrives. On 21 June, the Publicity Department of Yucheng Municipal Party Committee, working with Dayu cultural & industrial center, organized and conduct the theme activity of inheriting civilization and enjoying the festival atmosphere by tasting zongzi – traditional food of the Dragon Boat Festival. The goal of this activity is to deeply explore the charm of Chinese traditional culture and celebrate the festival with people from different walks of life. Several Korean staff of Songuo, let by Feng Huiqiu, chairman of Songuo Labor Union, joint the activity. 

In the blazing summer and the fresh breeze blows gently. At the square of attractive Tuhai River scenic area, the activity kick off under the warm expectation of the live audience. Live shows combining with delicious festival food formed a strong and festive atmosphere. Cooks from local hotel made zongzi on-site, participated by audience who are also provided various snacks at the tasting area. 

The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the traditional festivals of the Chinese nation. While experiencing the festive atmosphere of the Dragon Boat Festival in person, the Korean employees actively participated in the production of food, and expressed their homesickness and expectations for a better life, and had a deeper understanding of traditional Chinese culture.

Songuo Labor Union wishes all staff and their families best for Dragon Boat Festival!