Songuo Motors passed the evaluation of the provincial standardization pilot demonstration project
  2023-01-13 09:24:00
Shandong Provincial Market Supervision Administration issued the Shandong Municipal Regulatory Standard Letter [2022] No. 329, Notice on Announcing the List of Provincial Standardization Pilot Demonstration Projects evaluated and approved in 2022 on December 31. According to the relevant requirements of the Standardization Pilot Demonstration Project Management Measures of Shandong Province, the provincial Market Supervision Administration organized experts to evaluate the provincial standardization pilot projects in various fields that applied for acceptance in 2022, and determined the approved provincial standardization pilot demonstration projects. As the only provincial standardization pilot project of new energy automobile manufacturing, Songuo Motors passed the acceptance evaluation.

Since the construction of the provincial standardization pilot demonstration project of Songuo Motors started in February 2020, the enterprise has set up a special working group for standardization pilot construction. According to the actual needs of the enterprise, a scientific, reasonable and well-structured standard system framework and schedule have been established. Since the implementation, 100 product realization standards and 107 basic guarantee standards have been cited and compiled, and 29 items for job standard. At the same time, Songuo Motors actively carry out standardization publicity training, improve the consciousness of employees to implement standards, and make standards become work habits. By constantly improving the standard system, improving and enhancing the quality of production and management, standardization construction becomes an effective driving force and a significant part of the enterprise development process.