Leading group of “dual carbon” target of Dezhou city visited Songuo
  2022-06-23 14:17:00
On June 22, Xiong Xiaoping, deputy director of Development and Reform Commission of Dezhou city, leading the working group of “dual carbon” target of Dezhou city, visited Songuo.


In September of 2020, President Xi announced at the 75th General Debate of the UN General Assembly that China would take more forceful policies and measures to peak the carbon emission by 2030 and achieve the carbon neutrality by 2060. The presentation of “dual carbon” target effectively boost the development of national emerging technologies and low carbon industries.


To achieve "dual carbon" targets, the energy sector will bear the brunt of carbon and emission reduction. People in charge of Songuo project introduced the new processes brought by new material and new technology, as well as the advantages and achievements in terms of energy saving, emission reduction, low carbon and environmental protection through new technical routes.

Officials attended the activity include experts from social department and innovation department of the Development Research Center of the State Council, officials of resources and environment division of the Development and Reform Commission of Dezhou city, head of Institute of Ecology, Shandong Academy of Sciences, and Peng Liguo from  the Development and Reform Bureau of Yucheng city.