Safe Production Month:Safe training of high temperature, lightning, flood and fire prevention in summer is underway
  2022-06-13 17:25:00
June this year marks the 21st national Safe Production Month. The theme of this month is "Abide by the Production Law of PRC, be the first person responsible". To effectively guarantee the operation of the enterprise during the high temperature and flood season and improve the staff's ability to prevent and identify potential safety hazards, on the afternoon of June 10, Songuo organized the safe training of high temperature, lightning, flood and fire prevention in summer, with safety officers of all departments and workshops supervisors attending the training activity. 


Zhai Honggang, key speaker and the supervisor of security and environment protection, carried out the training in terms of high temperature, lightning, flood and fire prevention, enriching the safety knowledge of employees and improve their safety sense. Hope each of our team can be alert to potential disaster hazards, reduce the risk coefficient, learn to save themselves when in danger, and maximize the safety of life and property in daily work.


Summer is the season when security incidents happen frequently. Safety first, precaution crucial. Through the training, all staff will be further guided to conscientiously implement the safety deployment, strictly implement the prevention work in summer, make sure to conduct strict investigation, timely rectification, careful inspection, to ensure the safety and orderly production and operation, so as to further protect the safety of employees' lives and enterprise property.