Take up the cudgels for a just cause - Songuo employees showed a sense of responsibility confronted with the fire
  2022-05-16 15:26:00
On May 13, the two leaders of Ninglian Construction of Jiangsu Province came to Songuo complex to express their gratitude to the three employees of Songuo for their bravery. They present a banner which said fire and water may be emotionless but not human being, who are willing to take pleasure in helping people. 


Around 11 o 'clock on May 9, Zhang Xingang, Wang Mingjian and Huang Fubin, three employees the equipment management department, inspected the route on a daily basis. As they passed the section on the west side of the assembly workshop, they noticed flame flashing with smoke at the gate post of Ning Lian, which was still under construction. Out of high occupational acuity, they soon realized that there was a danger of fire.


Go where there is a fire, fight it till it perishes. The three employees made a prompt decision, called the person in charge of the security Department and explain the situation. Meanwhile, they urgently mobilized fire extinguishers to fight against the fire. The fire on the scene was quickly controlled as it was found in time. The head of the security department also quickly arrived at the scene with two security personnel and put out the fire with joint efforts. 


Thanks to the quick and proper response of the employees, a fire hazard was avoided. Ninglian Construction's leadership expressed appreciation to Songuo employees for standing out at that urgent moment and offered reward. They hope to maintain a long-term friendly and cooperative relationship with Songuo for mutual help and mutual benefit.    
Adhering to safety management is an important part of enterprise production management. Songuo will continue to improve the safety sense and skills of employees through various training, to create a safe and stable production environment.  

Zhang Congxin, vice-president of Songuo, together with the comprehensive service department, held a warm reception for the group of Ninglian Construction.