Mayor Su Lanwu supervised the resumption of work and production, as well as safety production situation of Songuo
  2022-03-25 14:36:00
On March 24, Su Lanwu, deputy secretary of yucheng Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Yucheng, led the relevant municipal officials and department heads to Songuo, to conduct an on-site supervision for the resumption of work and production, as well as the safety production situation.


In 3# workshop, the Mayor and his delegation inspected the packaging progress of SKS electric motorcycles that will be exported from Qingdao port at the end of the month, listened to the report of the person in charge on the resumption of production and safety work, inquired about the existing difficulties and problems in the resumption of work, including the delivery of raw materials and parts. Meanwhile he also expressed concern over the outbreak in South Korea and the current situation of Songuo Korea Research Institute.


Su affirmed Songuo's adherence to epidemic prevention and control and production safety during the epidemic period. He stressed that the company should continue to implement the measures of regular epidemic prevention and control, do a solid job in staff health management, and ensure that both epidemic prevention and control and production schedule are balanced. On the basis of ensuring production safety and personnel safety, the enterprise must spare no effort to promote the resumption of work and production. All relevant functional departments should further strengthen the sense of service, actively solve the difficulties encountered in the resumption of work and production for the project, and promote the resumption of normal production and rapid progress of key projects.

Zhang Jianjun, Li Wenqiang, Bai Xirui and Ma Junjie, Municipal officials accompanied the event.