Songuo Motors held the third session of the first employee Representative Conference in 2022
  2022-03-07 15:43:00
To fully give play to the role of the employee representative democratic management and democratic supervision, protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers and vital interests, and constantly improve the corporate governance mechanism, according to the "democratic management regulations", "labor law of the People's Republic of China" and other relevant rules and regulations, approved by the municipal federation of labor unions, in combination with the practical situation of enterprises, Songuo Motors grandly held the third session of the first employee Representative Conference of 2022 on March 4.


The congress elected the members of working committee, funds review committee and female workers committee of the third session of the first employee Representative Conference. The election was conducted by secret ballot, which fully embodies the principles of openness, fairness and justice. Representatives of employees from various departments spoke enthusiastically and made suggestions for the development of enterprises and the protection of employees' rights and interests.


Since the establishment of Songuo Labor Union, taking serving the overall situation and workers as the fundamental, it has given play to the subjective initiative, adhered to do good deeds and handle concrete affairs in a down-to-earth manner, in a bid to build a harmonious, stable new labor relations by helping enterprise development with unremitting efforts.