Operation team of industrial complex at Heze City visited Songuo Motors
  2022-02-24 09:07:00
On February 23, Ma Jiyue, Director of Housing and Construction Bureau of Heze City, with a group from  intelligent industrial complex of Heze City, visited Songuo regarding the complex operation and held a symposium, accompanied by Wang Bo, party branch secretary and chairman of urban construction investment company of Yucheng City.


The group took a on-site tour on the operation of new energy equipment industrial complex of Dezhou High-tech Zone and listened to the introduction of the project in the exhibition center.


In the meeting room of the comprehensive office building, a friendly discussion was held between urban construction investment company of Yucheng City and the group of the intelligent industrial complex of Heze City. The two sides carried out a thematic discussion on the operation of the industrial complex, and reached relevant intentions for further cooperation.


Since its establishment, Yucheng urban construction investment company  closely follow the requirements of the Municipal Party committee and the municipal government, boost the development of key industries and create characteristic industrial complex with innovative models including the industry and finance integration, realizing the transformation of the industrial complex from government leading to government guidance, enterprise participation and industry and finance integration. The new energy equipment industrial complex of High-tech Zone is one of the cases that a complex has realized the transformation from vacant factory to the mass production of core project products since its establishment.  

Wang Jian, Xu Zhongyu, Zhang Zhenpeng and Mi Dongxu, official leaders from the urban construction investment company accompanied the activity.