Officials from Shufu County of Xinjiang Province Visited Songuo Motors
  2022-02-17 17:06:00
On February 16, Ablajan Sadiq, the head of Shufu county and deputy secretary of the county party committee, accompanied by Bi Peng, deputy secretary of the county party committee and standing deputy county magistrate, come all the way to the new energy equipment industrial complex of Dezhou High-tech Zone to visit Songuo Motors.


They visited B section of the complex, injection molding and final assembly workshops, supporting projects including the G-Songuo new material modular building, new material vendor vehicles called Huifu and exhibition center, etc., to understand the development scale and potential of Songuo new material and new energy industrial cluster in detail. 


The head of the enterprise warmly received the official leaders of Shufu County of Xinjiang Province and both sides held a symposium. In order to achieve collaborative development and win-win cooperation, both sides have conducted friendly negotiations on product export and logistics of Songuo project in Southeast Asia and European markets, especially the product transfer and China-Europe freight train logistics of Songuo-Pakistan e-Trike&BSS Pilot Project and  "National Housing" Project with Prime Minister’s Office Naya Pakistan Housing & Development Authority.

Located in the southwest of Xinjiang, Shufu is the bridgehead of the autonomous region opening to the west, and has been an important town and hub of the Silk Road since ancient times. Bordering India, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and other 8 countries, it is close to four class A ports of Khunjerab, Karasu, Turgkah and Irkshtan, enjoying independent import and export trade rights.  

As an export-oriented enterprise, Songuo Motors, together with the project of new materials modular construction, have a complete market layout in Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East and other regions. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the company has not only strengthened cooperation with Samsung SDS and other large international logistics companies, but also explored various ways of international logistics in order to increase efficiency and reduce cost to boost development.