Dezhou City Development and Reform Commission visited Songuo Motors
  2021-12-01 15:28:00
On November 30th, Wang Dashan, Secretary and Director of the Party Leading Group of Dezhou Development and Reform Commission, and Li Anfeng, member of the Party Leading Group and Deputy Director of Dezhou Development and Reform Commission led the research group to visit Songuo Motors. Yucheng Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Su Lanwu, Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Mayor Wang Jianguo accompanied activities.


The research group held a symposium in Songuo for in-depth understanding of enterprise development and the city special working group work to promote the progress. The person in charge of Songuo project reported the recent work to the leaders attending the meeting, and the members of the special group made speeches on the preliminary work.


The research group fully affirmed the work of the special working group and the Songuo project, communicated and discussed the key work in the next step, and made clear the relevant working time nodes and requirements.

As the escort and leader of the automobile industry in Dezhou city, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission has the courage to take responsibility, solve problems and do practical things for enterprises, fully support and promote the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises, and help the project to grow bigger and stronger, playing an important role in the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry in Dezhou City.  

Wang Fujun, third-level inspector of Development and Reform Commission of Dezhou city, Shao Changyong, chief of industry section, Zhang Baosen, chief of finance section, Zhang Guoyong, chief of comprehension section, Zheng Zehao, office director, Duan Fuyou, executive director of Dezhou Financial Fund Management Co., Ltd., Yang Xiaohui, director and secretary of the party committee of Yucheng Bureau for Development and Reform, Shao Chuanbin, director of financial bureau, Sun Bin, director of Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Hou Jing, member of the Party Leading Group of finance bureau, director of the government and society capital cooperation center, and He Guixiang, vice-general manager of the municipal urban construction investment company attended the meeting.