Senior leadership of Wood-Mizer Group from the United States visit Songuo Motors
  2021-11-15 16:58:00
From November 9 to 13, Mr. John Smith, CEO of Wood-Mizer Group, Mr. Ron Grzegorzewski, Director of Strategic Planning, and Mr. Robert Moxham, Regional Director of Asia, came to visit Songuo Korea from the United States with the national quarantine exemption permit from the Republic of Korea.


From November 9 to 13, Wood-Mizer Group visited Songuo Korea (SGK), Songuo Korea Research Institute, SMI Cheonan Battery Pack factory and Intelligent Driving Research Center, and held 11 technical meetings between the two teams.


Wood Mizer Group headquarters is located in Indiana of the United States, with 22 subsidiary companies and nearly 8000 employees. It is the world's largest manufacturer of portable bandsaw machine. The product portfolio also includes various kinds of agricultural machinery, transport vehicles, grass cropper of golf course. Its market covers 120 countries and regions.


Both sides will build up cooperation on the products electrification and intelligence of Wood-Mizer Group, as well as the BSS group charging battery packs of Songuo Motors.