Municipal leaders came to Songuo for an on-site working
  2021-08-08 17:13:00
On  the afternoon of August 6, Teng Haiqiang, secretary of Yucheng municipal party committee, secretary of the working committee, director of management committee in Dezhou high-tech zone, and Su Lanwu, deputy secretary of Yucheng municipal party committee, mayor, led municipal leaders of related departments to the scene of the New Energy Equipment Industrial Complex with specific measures for promoting the development of the project construction, enterprise, coordinating to solve problems, to help enterprises for development.


The delegation focused on investigating the progress of the project under construction in section B of Songuo, understood the progress of the project in detail, and held an on-site forum to listen to the progress of the project, the existing problems and the next development plan of the enterprise.

Secretary Teng Haiqiang expressed gratitude for the contribution of Songuo Complex to the economic and social development of the city, and put forward clear requirements for the next step to promote the project construction and accelerate the development of enterprises. He pointed out that industry is the focus of economic development and project construction is the leading role of industrial development. We should continue to strengthen the leading role of project construction on the existing foundation, seize the opportunity and make the enterprise stronger and bigger as soon as possible.


Teng Haiqiang stressed that departments at all levels should further strengthen the service awareness of project construction, give priority to work support, problem solving and service, and make every effort to provide whole-process, all-directional and nanny-type services for project construction and enterprise development, so that entrepreneurs can invest and operate at ease. Effectively enhance the enthusiasm and initiative of service. As to the arising issues during the period of the project construction, be sure to come up with a plan in the first time. Strictly implement the responsibility, reinforce relevant policies, and set a timetable to solve the problems that affect the project construction and enterprise development problems. Municipal leaders and special work teams should give full play to the role of project construction, specify personnel to serve the project construction, solve problems for enterprises sincerely, and create sound environment for project construction and enterprise development and growth. The positioning of SONGUO as No.1 project of Yucheng will not be changed, and the government special class service will remain as usual. All departments and institutions, including enterprises, must strengthen confidence, grasp the development opportunity, accelerate the pace of development, continue to expand the scale, and promote the economic and social development of the city.


Mayor Su Lanwu spoke about the specific issues raised by the enterprise, and said that the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government will, as always, support the development and growth of the enterprise, build a sound platform for the development of the enterprise, create a good environment, provide good services, stimulate the vitality of the enterprise development, and boost the entity economy to become bigger and stronger. He encouraged enterprises to play a better role of demonstration, continue to strengthen innovation leadership, and constantly enhance core competitiveness, so as to make positive contributions to the high-quality development of the city's economy.

City leaders, Wang Jianguo, Li Wenqiang, Li Chunhou, Yang Fan, Yang Chengjin, and officials of high-tech Zone, development and reform Bureau, Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Finance Bureau, Housing and construction Bureau, Transportation Bureau and other major departments accompanied the event.