Tian Weidong, Secretary of Dezhou City, visited Songuo Motors
  2021-05-03 09:04:00
On the morning of May 2nd, Tian Weidong, Secretary of the CPC Dezhou Municipal Committee, accompanied by Zhang Anmin, Member of the Standing Committee and Secretary-general of the CPC Dezhou Municipal Committee, Teng Haiqiang, Secretary of the CPC Yucheng Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Party Work Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Dezhou High-tech Zone, and Su Lanwu, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Dezhou Municipal Committee and Mayor, visited Songuo for research.


Secretary Tian Weidong entered the workshops and exhibition center to have a detailed understanding of the technological innovation, product certification, market layout and construction progress of the New Energy Equipment Industrial Complex with Songuo as the core in the development of new energy and new materials industry.


Through the on-site research, Secretary Tian Weidong affirmed the Complex and the project's practice of firmly grasping the industry-leading technology, extending the chain, expanding the market and seeking cooperation for the world. He also urged enterprises to bear in mind their responsibilities, cherish the excellent environment created by Yucheng and Dezhou for the development of the Complex, live up to public expectations, promote the project construction in an all-round and full speed, and strive to be the vanguard of the province's project construction. Dezhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Yucheng Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will continue to make persistent efforts to respond to every request without disturbing, to create a more excellent development environment for enterprises.


Gao Jigang, Deputy Secretary General and Office Director of Dezhou Municipal Party Committee, Song Dianbin, Deputy Director of Office of Dezhou Municipal Party Committee, Wang Dashan, Director of Dezhou Development and Reform Committee and Secretary of Party Leading Group, Yucheng Municipal Committee Standing Committee, Li Wenqiang, Office Director and Yucheng Municipal Committee, and Sun Wei, Deputy Office Director of Yucheng Municipal Committee accompanied the activity.