Dezhou import non-cold-chain container cargo inspection and disinfection special group went to Songuo to carry out special inspections
  2021-01-30 16:32:00
On the afternoon of January 29, the Dezhou City import non-cold-chain container cargo inspection and disinfection group, accompanied by relevant responsible comrades from the Yucheng Industry and Information Technology Bureau and the Market Supervision Bureau, went to Songuo to inspect and disinfect import non-cold-chain container cargo, etc. to carry out special inspections.


The special task group introduced the purpose of this special inspection, listened to the report of the person in charge of the Songuo epidemic prevention work, and checked the company’s inspection and elimination record list on the spot, and asked in detail about the inspection and elimination process and the inspection cycle, and the epidemic prevention and spoke highly of the detection and elimination work of Songuo.

In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, Songuo actively responded to the inspection and disinfection requirements of import non-cold-chain container goods in provinces and cities, established an epidemic prevention leading group, formulated emergency plans, strictly implemented the inspection and disinfection of imported goods, and carefully prepared epidemic prevention and disinfection inspection records, to ensure the normal progress of production and operation in the Complex.