"Seeing Shandong Through The Eyes of High-end Think Tanks"Experts from the 14th Five-Year Plan and Research Line Visited Songuo
  2020-10-19 11:29:00
The "14th Five-Year Plan" period is the first Five-year Plan that China has embarked on a new journey of building a socialist modern country in an all-round way. It is very important to plan the development during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. The "Seeing Shandong Through The Eyes of High-end Think Tanks" 14th Five-Year Plan and Research Tour, sponsored by the Development Research Think Tank of China, Shandong Provincial People's Government Development Research Center, and Shandong Radio and Television Station, visited Dezhou from October 17th to 18th. Songuo Motors, as the first project of 12 survey points in 5 counties and cities, received the on-site survey of the expert group on the morning of the 17th.


New global thoughts and a new round of technological revolution are giving birth to changes and reconstructions in the global industrial chain. From the perspective of the automotive industry, new technologies such as new energy, 5G, driverless driving, and artificial intelligence will disrupt the 130-year-old traditional automotive industry with unprecedented power in the next few years or decades. In the future, cars will be given more attributes as intelligent platforms and carriers, rather than simple means of transportation. The automobile industry is standing at the door of another new century of opportunity.

With ten years of accumulation and positive research and development, Songuo Motors insists on “changing lanes and overtaking” with a brand-new technological path. Wang Yanqing, vice president of the Guoyan Culture and Media Group (Development Research Think Tank of China, abbreviated as “DRTT”), said that he was deeply impressed after visiting the project: "In October, the State Council Executive Meeting just passed the "New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan", which puts forward a very clear guide for the next step of new energy vehicle development: We must increase technological research; second, strengthen international cooperation; third, strengthen infrastructure construction such as charging, power exchange, and hydrogen refueling; fourth, increase application in public services." Songuo project is a good practice of national policy guiding, the project is very forward-looking, and will have a very good driving effect on the development of China's new energy vehicle supporting project industry, including the promotion of the industry in Dezhou."
The systematical innovation of new material, new energy, and new technology is the highlight of Songuo Motor’s vehicles, Wang Yanqing said, “It set a good example for the new energy and related industries, even the whole automobile industry, and will bring positive influence and forces for the industry with its outclass approach.”


Bai Jingming, former Deputy Dean of the Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences said:“ These enterprises we visited this morning perform well in pursuing high-quality development. For example, Songuo Motors, based on its judgment, determined to bring the industrial transformation and upgrade, which is a great success. While taking the dominating spot of technologies, they also focus on converting their business models to integrate into the economic globalization which has made a great impression on me.”   
“The investment could be increased in projects like the new energy vehicle project in Dezhou. It is not only about the development of Dezhou, Shandong, but also concerns about whether the development of our national automobile industry can be ranked forefront during the centurial changes. For the last century, the United States, Japan, and Germany stepped on top of the conventional automobile industry. However, how do we take the dominating spot of the industry in the new century does not only require proper enterprise operation but also requires the high-quality development of the national economy and automobile industry.”  


The experts, standing at a high level, shows great encouragement and expectation concerning the company development. People in charge of the project respond that Songuo Motors has achieved the process transformation from complexity to simplicity through the innovation of new material and new technology. It is the company’s dream to manufacture safe, stylish new energy vehicles that people can afford. Adhering to its original aspiration, Songuo Motors will endeavor to build the new material and new energy industrial cluster with technology innovation and high cost-effective products as its core competitiveness.