Songuo Mobility Innovation in Pyeongtaek of South Korea and Battery Pack Factory in Cheonan Passed the Quality Management System Certification
  2020-07-17 13:37:04
On July 14, the Korean Standards Association issued ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification to Songuo Mobility Innovation in Pyeongtaek and the Battery Pack Plant in Cheonan.

In order to ensure product quality, improve market competitiveness, and continuously provide high-quality products that meet market requirements, the Songuo Mobility Innovation in Pyeongtaek and Battery Pack Factory in Cheonan began the standardized construction of the ISO 9001 quality system at the beginning of the year. After over 6 months practical operation, the system certification was successfully issued through the review and certification audit. On this basis, the Songuo Mobility Innovation in Pyeongtaek and Battery Pack Factory in Cheonan will comprehensively promote the normalization and standardization of management work to meet international standards, improve the international competitiveness of enterprises, and accelerate the promotion of the internationalization process of Songuo project.


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ISO9000 Certification Standard is presented in 1987 by the International Organization for Standardization (“ISO” for short), which is the international standard formulated by ISO/TC176 (International Organization for Standardization/ Quality management and quality assurance). ISO9000 is a general term of one group of standards. While aiming to promote the development of standardization and related works in globe, the formulation of ISO9000 will benefit the communication and services of international trade and advance the collaboration in knowledge, science, technology and economic activities, so as to accelerate the globalization of products and services trade. The international standards formulated by ISO have been recognized by over 100 member countries and regions worldwide.