Party and government inspection team of Jiyang District visited Songuo Motors
  2019-12-20 16:22:00
In the afternoon of December 19, a delegation of more than 40 people of Party and government inspection team of Jiyang District, led by Comrade Lu Canhua, Secretary of the Jiyang District Party Committee, came to Yucheng to inspect Yucheng's experience and practice in promoting the conversion of new and old kinetic energy and the construction of complex projects.


The party and government inspection delegation from Jiyang District came to the New Energy Equipment Industrial Complex of Dezhou High-tech Zone, visited the three major workshops of the SONGUO and the exhibition center of the complex to learn more about the SONGUO industry planning, industrial process, and equipment commissioning.


The down-to-earth working style of the Yucheng Municipal Committee and Municipal Government, the innovative and characteristic advantages of the Songuo industry project, and the vigorous development trend of the Dezhou High-tech Zone have left a deep impression on the party and government inspection team of Jiyang District.

Teng Haiqiang and Zhang Benyong, leaders of Yucheng, and Wu Yanguo, leader of high-tech zone, accompanied the visit.