Commentary | Using quality steel on the cutting edge and promoting the project landing by coordinating all resources
  2019-05-18 16:02:00
On the afternoon of May 17, the promotion meeting of the provincial new and old kinetic energy conversion projects and attracting investors and talents commendation conference are held in Jinan. At the meeting, the provincial party committee proposes that we should emphasize the role of the secretary and mayor in attracting investors and talents, and devotes to coordinating all resources.

Why do they highlight the role of secretary and mayor in attracting investors and talents? This is because the main leaders’ abilities to judge the industrial trend, decide the policies and integrate elements are relevant to success.

Behind the landing of each major project, it is the policies of attracting investors and talents, including national supercomputing center in Jinan setting new record speed, Genova Biotech CO., LTD as the first original biological new drug unicorn company, and MEMS electronic information industrial park that will probably be developed into industrial cluster worth tens of billions CNY in future. Besides, it is relevant to the main leaders’ coordination.


During the visit, participators are attracted by SONGUO MOTORS project in Yucheng, Dezhou City. The electric vehicle project is not in production, but receives orders worth nearly 700 million USD. It is understood that the company uses nearly 10 years of new material technology accumulation to overturn the traditional manufacturing process, achieving vehicle manufacturing without stamping, welding and painting.

In order to get this project, Yucheng is committed to the landing of the project from main leaders to the staff."“In order to attract the project of SONGUO MOTORS, Yucheng’s leaders conduct in-depth study of the industry development law+, and put forward a whole set of solutions for the capital operation and industrial support that the investors are concerned about, and finally struggle to get the project from 42 competitors." A relevant person in Yucheng government said.

For the purpose of intensive development of the industry, Yucheng’s leaders adopt the industrial cluster investment model, and also integrate 13 upstream and downstream industries such as body, interior, motor and electronic control to form a complete industrial chain. At present, 24 enterprises has entered the complex.

From three visits, and the site under construction to the industrial cluster park, you can see the local leaders and enterprises dare to try and their sense of responsibilities and devotion. The increasing improvement of the innovative entrepreneurial environment bring more “Shandong Opportunities”.

The meeting also requested that "good steel should be used on the cutting edge", and government should focus on major and good projects; the main leaders should be hands-on, dare to make a decision, and promote projects with the help of whole city if necessary. If there is no conditions to guarantee at the municipal level, it is necessary to promptly report to the provincial level and coordinate resources on a larger scale. From this year, Shandong Province will enhance the coordination and support to promote and coordinate the landings of major projects in the province.