Former leaders of Dezhou at or above deputy department level visit SONGUO MOTORS
  2019-05-22 15:59:00
On the afternoon of 22nd, May, a total of 39 former leaders of Dezhou at or above deputy department level including Li Rongzhen, Man Chunchong and Jin Qingyun visit Yucheng, one of the promotion conference city of provincial new and old kinetic conversion projects. They are accompanied by Li Yumei, Liu Dongshun, Liu Honggui, Zhang Jianjun and Wang Chunxia, leaders of Yucheng, and Wang Zhiyong the leader of high-tech zone.


The delegation firstly comes to the new energy equipment industrial complex of Dezhou high-tech zone and Zhou Haiyan chairman of SONGUO MOTORS extends warm welcome to them. Ms. Zhou makes an elaborate report of the SONGUO industrial integration affairs during the visits of promotion conference of provincial new and old kinetic conversion projects. Formers leaders are proud of the booming of new energy industry and the changing economy of Yucheng.

Ms. Zhou makes an elaborate introduction of how SONGUO industry project amidst aggressive market faces challenges, identifies industrial breakthrough, innovates business model and becomes the only electric vehicle company that opens global market after establishment around the world and achieves forward R&D of core technologies in China. SONGUO MOTORS not only has high safety, low cost, no stamping, no welding and no painting, but also achieves complete automated, green and environmental-friendly manufacturing.


Former leaders are very glad when hearing that SONGUO MOTORS is the only Chinese vehicle company that exhibits whole vehicle during 2019 Seoul Motor Show with the help and support from government of both Yucheng and Dezhou, and is reported by a couple of authoritative media. They are also pleased that SONGUO signs up with markets in 46 countries and concludes distribution contracts worth 506 million USD, which are up to 688 million USD in total. They praise the far-sighted decision and dedication of leaders of Dezhou high-tech zone and Yucheng, and the commitment of innovative development of SONGUO MOTORS.


In recent years, Yucheng keeps the philosophy of innovation – driven development, highlights the role of talents, implements projects reasonably, and cultivates new driving power such as electricity and new materials. They prompt the transformation and upgrading of industries by the project construction, and aim to build new heights, highlight and development layout, so as to revitalize the traditional driving power, facilitate the development of the new one and make great contribution to the high quality development of regional economy.