Notes on the promotion of the new and old kinetic energy conversion project of Shandong Province and the commendation conference of attracting investors and talents
  2019-05-23 15:53:00

The competition brings breakthroughs and high quality
——Notes on the promotion conference of the new and old kinetic energy conversion project of Shandong Province and the commendation conference of attracting investors and talents (I)

From May 13th to 17th, Shandong provincial Party committee and the provincial government hold a promotion conference of the new and old kinetic energy conversion projects of the whole province and the commendation meeting of attracting investors and talents. During the 4 and a half days, the participants enter the factory and the workshop, and visit the site. They visit the new and old kinetic energy conversion projects of Liaocheng, Dezhou, Binzhou, Dongying, Zibo and Jinan (cities in Shandong Province), and the results of attracting investors and talents.

Since November of last year, the provincial party committee and the provincial government have conducted on-site observations on the 16 new and old kinetic energy conversion projects in three batches. From the visits, each city gains remarkable achievements. A number of large projects and good projects are successively launching, and a number of new technologies, new industries, new formats, and new modes grow at an accelerating speed, a number of institutional innovation achievements bonuses are continuously increasing, a batch of major platforms are speeding up construction, and a group of advanced talents are gathering...

As time goes by, the achievements of the pioneers are witnessed. Since last year, Shandong has been rigorously promoting the transformation of new and old kinetic energy conversion, launching big competitions. Development of each places features distinctive characteristics. A high-quality development path in line with Shandong's reality has been fundamentally developed.

New projects are launched in different regions

New industries are springing up

"Supercomputing" is a weapon of the country, and the international competition in this field is becoming increasingly aggressive. On the afternoon of May 16th, in the Jinan central science and technology park of national supercomputer, Wang Yinglong the Secretary of the Party committee of Qilu University of Technology said that the supercomputer under construction will be 8 times faster than the current "world's fastest" and will be able to become the province's top ten industry and top ten industry worth tens of billions CNY in Jinan. "Industry and Jinan" top ten billion-scale industries. By 2022, there will be more than 20,000 service companies, driving the output value of more than one trillion CNY.

The total investment of the Jinan International Medical Science Center is over 200 billion CNY comparable to Houston of America. Zhang Duanwu, the Secretary of the central labor Party committee, said that more than four comprehensive hospitals and special hospitals are under construction. The core projects of the Northern Center of National Health and Medical Big Data, Shandong Proton Therapy Center and Shandong First Medical University are being rapidly constructed. Among 103 contracted cutting-edge special medical, scientific research and industrial projects, 68 projects are landed.

The two major projects in the east and west of Jinan City are praised by participants. They says that as one of the provincial capitals and the provincial new and old kinetic energy conversion "three cores", Jinan adopts advanced international standards and builds high-end scientific platforms, which plays a good demonstration role.

The six cities visited this time are located in the north, central and west of Shandong. To some extent, they are the reflection of the provincial phased development. However, in the big competition, each region focuses on the real economy according to their own factor endowment and development characteristics, and lays emphasis on the implementation of projects. New projects are launched in different regions and new industries are springing up.

What is impressive is that during this visit, the investment volume of emerging industry projects is increased significantly, most of which are above 1 billion CNY. Struggling to leverage the national strategy of coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Dezhou introduces a large-size silicon material project of GRINM Semiconductor with a total investment of 8 billion CNY, which will produce 12-18 inches silicon single crystal products to meet the application requirements of the world's most advanced semiconductor equipment. To solve the problems of large-size silicon material technology of integrated circuit. E Hongda the Secretary of the labor Party committee of the Dezhou economic and technological development zone, said that this project is expected to be listed in the major productivity layout plan of national integrated circuit industry.

The “Old Tree with New Branch” project highlights technological transformation and process upgrading. Dongying City integrates naphtha resources of 8 companies and establishes Dongying Weilian Chemical Co., Ltd. to build a paraxylene project with annual output of 2 million tons without adding new refining capacity, which will effectively alleviate China's heavy dependence on the import of xylene. Zhang Xinwen, the Director of the Provincial Development and Reform Committee, said: "This project extends the industrial chain and concentrates on the achievements of the chemical industry in our province, including encouraging new, major, advanced and integrated projects."

Wanhua Polyurethane Industry Chain Integration-ethylene project has the most advanced global technology. GENOVA BIOTECK CO., LTD. is China's first original biological new drug unicorn enterprise. Zhiguang fiber Project in Zaozhuang City fills the vacancy of our province's optical fiber industry. Ruyi is the only whole industrial chain with intelligent manufacturing system engineering in domestic textile industry.... Three visits, multiple quality projects is displaying. All cities make new breakthroughs and show the best quality in kinetic energy conversion.

The attracting of investors and talents is continuously heating up

"Shandong Opportunities” is becoming increasingly attractive

Focusing on attracting investors and talents is a key measure to accelerate the conversion of new and old kinetic energy. From the perspective of three visits, attracting investors and talents becomes increasingly encouraging, and more achievements are made, which not only accelerates development of Shandong’s “Top Ten” industrial clusters, but also demonstrates the influence and attraction of “Shandong Opportunities”. As a result, more renowned enterprises at home and abroad choose to settle in Shandong.

Since last year, Shandong has held a series of important activities such as the International Summit for Young Entrepreneur Innovative Development, the Shandong Global Promotion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the first Confucian Merchants Conference, and the High-end Summit of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce. All cities have been actively committed to “go abroad and introduce investors and talents” so as to build the bridge between Shandong and the world in exchanges and cooperation. A number of high-quality projects are signed, and a group of high-end talents came to Shandong to start a business. In particular, Qingdao, Jinan, Yantai, as the provincial new and old kinetic energy conversion "three cores", whatever landing projects, or the introduction of talents, they are in the forefront of the province and play the role of core and lead.

At present, China's chip self-sufficiency rate is less than 10%, and foreign companies have mastered 90% of key technologies. Through the platform of the Confucian Merchants Conference, Jinan works with Amer International Group, Foxconn Technology Group and other well-known enterprises, the start of the high-power chip project, Amer headquarters in Shandong --- optoelectronic integrated pilot technology research institute officially launched. Wang Hongzhi, member of the Standing Committee of the Jinan municipal committee and director of the high-tech zone management committee, said that in the production of materials, design, manufacturing, packaging and other aspects of the chip production, the Innovation Valley of the high-tech zone is committed to attract relevant projects.

Through the policy of attraction of investors and talents, new variables and created new combinations are brought to Shandong, which promoted the stock change and incremental rise. It is understood that last year, 2156 new foreign-funded enterprises were established in the province, an increase of 45.8%. It is the first time in a decade that more than 2,000 new companies are established in a single year. In the process of “attraction of investors and talents”, all cities open up their horizons, gather resources, and increase their skills. They further establish the development philosophy of attaching importance to innovation and talents.

SONGUO electrical vehicle project in Yucheng of Dezhou has received nearly $700 million in orders before mass Production. The company has used nearly 10 years of new material technology reserves to overturn the traditional manufacturing process without stamping, welding and coating. Teng Haiqiang the Mayor of Yucheng City, said that in order to introduce the SONGUO project, they conduct in-depth study of the development law of this industry, put forward a set of solutions for key issues such as capital operation and industrial support that investors pay attention to, and ultimately obtain it from 42 competitors.

In terms of the leading project, Yucheng adopts the investment mode of industrial cluster featuring promptly integration of 13 upstream and downstream industries such as body, interior, motor and electronic control to form a complete industrial chain. At present, 24 enterprises has landed. Presently, Shandong is facing the hardest time of new and old kinetic energy conversion, which highlights the extreme importance of the attraction of investors and talents. From the perspective of the whole province, large projects, strategic investors, “unicorns”and “Gazelle” enterprises, foreign investment projects, leading talents and innovation teams are still in lack, and high-quality investment and talents still have a long way to go.

The two cities of Rizhao and Binzhou ranked fourth in the assessment of provincial attraction of investors and talents in 2018. Yu Xiangdong the Mayor of Binzhou City said that assessment is a wind vane and baton that promotes high-quality development. It is an actual test of the implementation, responsibility, and effectiveness of local governments. In the next step, Binzhou will turn pressure into power, and put the attraction of investors and talents in priority to promote development, and strive to make breakthroughs in cluster cultivation, park construction, and optimization of services and implementation.

"Four New" economy is gradually becoming a trend

New kinetic energy will take time to lead development

Through the visit, we can find that: At present, the conversion of new and old kinetic energy in Shandong is moving forward from the "one-year comprehensive trend" to the "three-year-old achievement", and the pattern of "four new" economy leading the future development has already appeared. In the kinetic energy conversion, DEEJ forms a new mode of cross-area integration of the first, second and third industry. Qin Yufeng, CEO of the company, introduced that the donkey-hide gelatin world project integrates industrial tourism and health experience, transforming the old factory into a star-rated medical hotel, and the old equipment is designed into a work of art, changing tourists to customers, and customers to tourists”. Through “five senses” of taste, visual, olfactory, auditory and tactile sensation, consumers can experience the profound 3000-year-old donkey-hide gelatin culture of health nourishing in.

"Donkey-hide gelatin World is a production platform, experience marketing platform, as well as an innovation platform.” He said that since the opening of the park last year, the number of tourists has increased dramatically, with a total of 2.42 million persons. Nowadays, consumers of industrial products have placed higher demands on marketing, logistics, installation, and after-sales services. KERUI Group, an old enterprise in the field of oil and gas equipment in Dongying, timely built the first B2B self-operated platform in China's vertical oil and gas energy industry & internet, relying on big data analysis of the global energy industry to provide customers with a full chain and one-stop service. As a result, the upstream and downstream enterprises in the domestic oil and gas energy equipment industry chain are encouraged to go broad, and the new mode generates more than 700 million USD for cross-border e-commerce platform orders.

According to reports, last year, Shandong's “Four New” economic investment accounted for 43.9% of fixed assets investment, and the “four new” economic proportion increased from 22.6% in 2017 to more than 25% in 2018. The three visits also confirm this development trend: the new kinetic energy represented by new technologies, new industries, new formats and new modes is growing rapidly, and it is replacing the old kinetic energy and leading the future development.

Although the new kinetic energy shows a strong momentum, but the volume is still not big enough, and therefore it will take time to truly lead the development. On the basis of eliminating lagging production capacity and carrying out ecological restoration, Zibo City high-tech zone is cooperated with Tsinghua University team to build a high-standard electronic information industry park with MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) chips and integrated circuit chips as its core. Micro-mechanical gyros, accelerometers, relays and other products have begun to be produced in small batches. In the future, it is expected to become the global MEMS industry highland and form an industrial cluster worth 100 billion CNY.

In “four new” economic introduction and cultivation, one problem that cannot be ignored is that there are project homogenization tendencies in some areas. For example, many new energy battery projects such as hydrogen fuel cells, lithium batteries and solar cells have been launched in various places. Many of these projects have been formed in history. In the future, for such homogenization competition projects, planning and demonstration should be strengthened to avoid duplication of construction.

In the observation, we also found that all cities attach great importance to the cultivation of large-scale projects, but high-growth small and medium-sized technology enterprises such as invisible champions and “Gazelle” enterprises lack attention. These projects often represent the direction of new kinetic energy development. In building the industry ecology of “big but strong, small but professional” and promoting its mutual development, all cities’ government need to work harder.