These industries are highlighted during Shandong new and old kinetic energy conversion
  2019-05-23 15:47:00
From May 13th to 17th, the province's new and old kinetic energy conversion project promotion meeting and commendation meeting of attracting investors and talents are held to investigate work progress, test development effectiveness, and summarize typical experiences. This time, the ones that went to the spotlight are Liaocheng, Dezhou, Binzhou, Dongying, Zibo and Jinan. The new and old kinetic energy conversion projects in each city and the effect of attracting investors and talents are confronted by an open review.

These three visits will be frequent, and the robots "chuangchuang", night pearls, wolf pickup trucks, cyber celebrity punch cards, fabrics that each meter is worth 68 thousand.... During Shandong new and old kinetic energy conversion, these industries are attained great attention!

Qilu network May 17th news Keywords: cultural and creative industries

This museum is so powerful that it will bring the Tang Dynasty and the Northern Song Dynasty Palace, and the night pearl back...


There are also many “high-tech” projects in the cultural and creative industries, such as the Qihe Museum Group project with abundant exhibits, 19 museums and showrooms such as the Large Root Art Museum, the Paleontology Fossil Museum, and the Rare Ore Museum. With a planned construction area of 530,000 square meters, it reserves more than 30,000 pieces of various types of collections, including 19 museums and exhibition areas including the Large Root Art Museum and the Ancient Fossil Museum. The 19 theme museums are integrated into the picturesque landscape like poetry and painting. The famous buildings of the Tang Dynasty Linde Hall and the Northern Song Dynasty Daqing Hall will be restored to the same scale. When it is completed, it will become the largest collection of ancient architectural art museums with the largest construction scale, the longest historical period, the most concentrated construction techniques and the most complete traditional architectural culture. It will be completed and put into operation in July 2021 and is expected to receive 2 million tourists each year and achieve a comprehensive tourism income of 460 million CNY.


For example, Qingdao Ledu Music Valley project with the total investment of 2 billion CNY, Germany Bolansler, Japan Yamaha, China's old brand Xinghai and other more than 40 well-known musical instrument brands are landed. The Rizhao (Shijiuwan) Central Vitality Zone (CAZ) project where embraces the bay and sea, will be Rizhao’s “new business card” in the future, with a planned land area of 42 square kilometers, relying on ports, shorelines, ecology, universities, etc. and focusing on cultivating eight major industries such as headquarters economy, business finance, scientific and technological innovation, special tourism, culture and sports, exhibitions, business and leisure, and livable health.

Keywords: boutique tourism industry

When the poetry meets the remote area, everything becomes more fascinating... why does these places become cyber celebrity punch card?

Why does these places become cyber celebrity punch card? When poetry meets the remote area, everything becomes more glamorous. Since the CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival in last year in Mount Ni, and the 5th Mount Ni World Civilization Forum was successfully held, this "sacred place" built on the birthplace of Confucius attracts friends at home and abroad with its distinctive characters. The first phase of the Mount Ni Holy Land Project has a construction area of 220,000 square meters with a total investment of 2.87 billion CNY.


The Wulian Mountain Egret Bay Rural Complex Project, which plays the pastoral pastoral song, is located in Wulian County. Here, the green hills are high while waters are clear, the vegetation coverage rate is 58.5%, and there are more than 40 kinds of rare birds, where are rich in cherry and other special fruits. In Egret ranch, there are layout of planting, farmer's market, cherry cultural garden, art tour village and other 20 art space, and hot spring art museum, dream art museum and other rural architectural art works. The art of agriculture, scene experience, life art are integrated into one, playing an idyllic pastoral song of "Mountain Water Forest Cropland Lake Grass" concerto. The first phase of the project started construction in January this year and is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year. It is estimated that more than 3 million tourists will be received in the year after completion.

Keyword: modern effective agriculture

No pain on farming and start new era agriculture

Nowadays, China faces the large number of labor transfer and prominent aging problem in rural China. "Who will plant land and how to plant land" becomes a real and urgent problem. The traditional extensive farming methods caused environmental pollution and waste of resources, which had many negative effects on the sustainable development of agriculture. Under this background, Linyi Jinfeng Commune came into being. Jinfeng Commune focuses on solving the problem of “peasants are reluctant to plant and struggling to plant” and provide full custody services from planting to sales. To solve the problem of “land dispersion and low efficiency”, through land trusteeship, moderate scale operation will be realized, planting costs will fall by 12%, and grain income will be increased by 10%.

Relying on modern high-efficiency agriculture, it is worth mentioning that the Daicun modern agriculture demonstration park project has entered the park and adopts advanced cultivation techniques such as soilless cultivation, pipeline cultivation, wheel cultivation, and floating plate cultivation, which is eye-opening. No one would have thought that this was once a lagging village with heavy debts, complicated contradictions, and “dirty and poor”. Now it will become an “idyllic new city” with prosperous industries, ecologically livable and rich life. The Daicun modern agriculture demonstration park project is mainly invested by Daicun and flows to the construction of 20,000 mu(a Chinese measuring way) of land in 9 surrounding villages and state-owned farms, including the smart agriculture industrial park, agricultural exhibition hall, agricultural park, and research base.

Key word: high-end equipment industry

Wolf warrior 2 pickup truck comparable to international high-end brand tires... These high-end equipment are made in Shandong Province


Experience the tires of the international high-end brand? HIXIH Group's annual production of 2 million sets of high-performance truck and bus tires by Tongli and annual output of 12 million high-end car tires total investment of 5.9 billion yuan by Shenzhou. The first phase of 6 million has been completed and put into production, and is currently undergoing upgrading in smart manufacturing. After the completion of the project, it will provide the market with high-quality products comparable to the international high-end brand tires, and stimulate Chinese tire industry to improve quality, efficiency and promote transformation.


The pickup truck used in the movie "War Wolf 2" was produced by Zhongxing Automobile that is the same age as the Republic! Rizhao affiliate of Zhongxing Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. projects’of producing 50,000 complete vehicle, with an annual output of 50,000 complete vehicles, mainly produces fuel and pure electrical passenger cars, high-end pickup trucks and other products. After the completion of the project, the annual sales income will be 5 billion yuan. Zhongxing Automobile has a long history of brand and “military” pedigree. Kenyan military parade special vehicle, Zambia official patrol car, Swaziland police car, Congolese judicial system car, Nigerian riot car and police car, the president’s office car of Tanzanian  all choose the pickup truck from Zhongxing.

Key word: new energy and new materials

Graphene, electrical vehicle and the expensive material


New materials and new energy can overturn our lives. How much do you know about new energy and new materials? 1 meter sold to 68,000 CNY, and one piece can buy a Rolls Royce? What is special paper and graphene? Learn together! Don't underestimate this seemingly "ordinary" small fabric, behind which is the most luxurious fiber with the highest quality, and Shandong's unique textile core technology. Ruyi's total industrial chain intelligent manufacturing system engineering project has a total investment of 2 billion yuan, which is implemented in two phases, with an annual output of 1 million sets of high-end suits and 8 million meters of high-grade worsted woolen fabrics; special paper towels on the "Revival" are produced here. .. Sun Paper has an annual investment of 200,000 tons of special paper projects with a total investment of 1.16 billion yuan, new pulp and paper workshops, and purchase of 53 sets of main equipment such as pulping systems and papermaking systems. The main products of the project are high-grade special double-adhesive paper, photo base paper, etc., which can replace similar imported products.

What is graphene? The Nanhai New Energy Materials project has a total investment of 3.5 billion CNY. The park started construction in 2016 with a total planned area of 8 square kilometers and a starting area of 2.2 square kilometers. It mainly produces international industrial park for R&D, production and application of ultra-high purity graphite and graphene materials. In the future, plans to land the graphene downstream industrial chain project, and reserve a number of large projects such as BYD lithium battery, Kaiwo new energy vehicle, and Furui lithium battery cathode material.


“Grab” the central enterprises, and Dezhou joins hands to develop into the frontier of strategic emerging industries! In order to seize the major strategic opportunities for the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and actively connect with the non-capitalization of Beijing, Dezhou plans to build a high-tech industrial transfer and transformation base. The total investment of the project is 1.8 billion CNY, which will be completed and put into operation by the end of next year. It produces 2.76 million pieces of 8-inch silicon chips, 1.8 million pieces of 6-inch silicon chips, and 300 tons of large-diameter silicon single crystals. Currently, pile foundation construction is underway.

Recall that in 2016, when it comes to the topic of electrical vehicles, the most common keywords in various media are probably "cheats." And just two years later, in 2018, almost everyone will use the word "trend" to describe it when the electrical vehicle is mentioned. HOSTON G-WIT new materials and SONGUO MOTORS project are electrical vehicle industrial cluster project with SONGUO MOTORS as its core. The planned construction area is 956,000 square meters. The current investment is 2.5 billion CNY and the construction area is 340,000 square meters. The industrial park will be completed in June 2020, with an annual output of 230,000 vehicles, an operating income of over 20 billion CNY, and 3,000 jobs.

Key word: new generation IT industry

What’s the highlights of Chinese robot named “Chuangchuang”, big data base and new generation AI?


Digitalization, networking and intelligence are the prominent features of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and the core of the new generation of IT. At present, the upsurge of a new generation of AI has arrived, and the construction of a new generation of IT industry in Shandong has been reported frequently. For example, on January 28, 2019, local time in New York, the robot "Chuangchuang" was unveiled on the Nasdaq Big Screen of Times Square, and sent a New Year greeting to the Chinese around the world, letting the world witness the charm of "China's wisdom". More than 100 media outlets around the world report it. "Chuangchuang" is a smart service robot independently developed by Chuangze Intelligent Robot Company. It has passed the "EMC" certification and "safety" double qualification certification of the National Robot Testing and Evaluation Center. It is the first in China that pass the double qualification certification, and won the US "2019CES Innovation Award" (also known as "Nobel Prize in the industry"), as the only commercial intelligent humanoid robot in the world that receives this award. "Chuangchuang" not only just go to New York of USA! On November 21st, 2018, the local time, at the forum held by the Jesus College of Cambridge University, the robot “Chuangchuang” was also unveiled, which attracted the guests to praise the level of AI in China.


Let's take a look at the Huawei Big Data Center in Shandong, which can accommodate 1064 cabinets with investment of 2.1 billion CNY. This project is a provincial base preferred project with a total investment of 2.1 billion CNY and is constructed in two phases. The first phase of the Big Data Industrial Park construction project is the key project of the province in 2017. The long-term planning of the project construction can reach 100,000 square meters, accommodate 1064 cabinets, and reserve 1000 cabinets to expand the space. The data center is strictly constructed in accordance with the national A-level computer room standard.