SONGUO Motors Launched the Orientation for the Second Group of New Front-line Employees
  2019-09-24 14:52:00
On the morning of September 23, the second group of front-line new employees formally joined the SONGUO family. Together with Publicity Department, HR Department conducted the one-week orientation for new employees about the corporate culture, project overview, management system and other aspects.


According to the training plan, after the joining of the recruits, they will firstly understand the company's corporate culture and development history, the company's management system, as well as fire safety knowledge training, militarized drill training, etc. The last step is the training completion examination, then officially employed if qualified.

Under the leadership of the project leader, the front-line new employees visited the workshops of Phase I Bid-section A to learn more about the internal structure and equipment operation of the three major workshops. Currently, the delivery and running of three major workshops have basically completed, and the subsequent equipment installation & debugging are being carried out in an orderly manner.


At the SONGUO Industrial Complex Exhibition Center, front-line new employees visited the SONGUO SUV, test drive, logistics vehicles and other series of prototypes. Through the detailed instruction of the guide, as well as on-site viewing of videos and reports of overseas auto shows, new product launches and signing activities, further enhanced the confidence and expectations of new colleagues for the future of the company.

It is believed that through one-week training courses and on-site visits, new employees can fully understand the company's corporate culture and development plan, and have a clearer and more objective understanding of the SONGUO platform-type development pattern. We look forward new colleagues to putting them into work quickly with enthusiasm and confidence, and contributing to the development of the SONGUO project.