2019 Freshmen from Dezhou University Automotive Engineering College Visited SONGUO
  2019-09-25 14:50:00
On the afternoon of September 24, more than 300 new students from the 2019 session of the School of Dezhou University Automotive Engineering College, under the leadership of Dean Zhang Jianchen, came to Yucheng to visit the new and old kinetic energy conversion key projects and enterprises.

At the SONGUO Industrial Complex Exhibition Center, the 2019 freshmen of the School of Dezhou University Automotive Engineering College listened carefully to the explanations of the project by the guide, and learned more about the development of SONGUO Motors and the expansion of overseas markets. They showed great interest in the project.


Dezhou University is a full-time comprehensive general undergraduate university directly under the Shandong Provincial Government. Automotive Engineering College is a secondary school under the Dezhou University. It was established in May 2005 and is the governing unit of the Shandong Automobile Industry Association and the Shandong Automobile Engineering Society. The School of Automotive Engineering closely focuses on the needs of talents in the automotive industry and the rapidly developing transportation industry in the country and in the region, continuously optimizes the discipline structure, strengthens the combination of production, education and research, deepens the cooperation between schools and enterprises, and serves economic and social development. The college has signed cooperation agreements with Qilu Bus Co., Ltd., Runhua Group Co., Ltd., Dezhou Fulu Vehicles Co., Ltd., Beiqi Foton, Foton Lovol Heavy Industries and many other enterprises.

Through on-site visit and study, the 2019 freshmen of Automotive Engineering College opened up the industry's vision. Under the active atmosphere of the event, everyone was enthusiastic. The unique shape and appearance of SONGUO vehicles resonated a strong resonance and interest. The students took photos with the new style vehicles.


SONGUO Motors has always attached great importance to talent training. It has established strategic cooperation with a number of institutions, carried out school-enterprise cooperation, and cultivated technical, professional and compound talents to enrich the enterprise team. In the future, SONGUO Motors will continue to strengthen cooperation with schools and enterprises of the Dezhou University Automotive Engineering College and other professional colleges and universities, and input and export outstanding talents at a high level, which will help the company to develop its savings and reserve strength, and strive for a win-win development.