SONGUO MOTORS manufacturing equipment arrives the plant
  2019-07-11 14:42:00
On the evening of ninth of July, the first batch of equipment is forwarded to the plants in SONGUO high-tech base of Dezhou. It marks that the infrastructure of section A of the first phase of SONGUO MOTORS is almost completed, and the SONGUO project will enter the phase of equipment installation and commissioning.


According to the project progress and equipment installation schedule, it is estimated that by the mid of August, the equipment of the three workshops will all complete its installation and commissioning and be able to start trial manufacturing at the beginning of October.


Since the June of 2018, SONGUO MOTORS has started the construction of plants and R&D center. The three workshops covering 150 thousand square meters will be totally delivered at the end of July and the office building, R&D center and exhibition center will be delivered at the end of 2019.


Till now, SONGUO motors has signed overseas distribution orders equal to almost 800 thousand various vehicles. After the completion of equipment installation and commissioning, SONGUO project will be started to manufacture. When products through mass production pass the certification of Europe, America and Korea, SONGUO will start the delivery of bulk orders.