Dezhou Transportation Vocational College Leaders inspected SONGUO Motors
  2019-10-11 15:38:00
In order to speed up the cooperation process with SONGUO Motors, the teaching plan was arranged in advance according to the needs of enterprises. On the afternoon of October 10th, Wei Rongqing, the president of Dezhou Transportation Vocational College, came to SONGUO to conduct on-site school-enterprise cooperation visit.


Dezhou Transportation Vocational College (Shandong Dezhou Automobile and Motorcycle Specialized College) was founded in 1986. It was formerly known as Dezhou Motorcycle Maintenance Technical College. In 1998, it was approved by Dezhou City Education Committee to establish “Dezhou Motorcycle Maintenance Vocational High School” as a vocational education school with qualifications for academic qualifications.

The Dezhou Transportation Vocational College consists of more than 20 majors and hundreds of courses, including the Automobile College, the Numerical Control College, the automotive electronics technology, the automobile business, the automobile sheet metal and painting, the automobile driving transportation, and is awarded by six ministries including the Ministry of Education as Dezhou's only “four major skill-based talent training bases”.


The Dezhou Transportation Vocational College team visited the SONGUO Industrial Complex and visited the No. 2 injection molding workshop, the No. 3 body workshop, the SONGUO Industrial Complex Exhibition Center to learn more about the planning and construction of the Songuo industry project, equipment installation, etc.

Zhang Congxin and Zheng Chunyuan, vice presidents of SONGUO Motors, warmly received the delegation from the Dezhou Transportation Vocational College and held a friendly exchange meeting at the SONGUO Industrial Complex Exhibition Center and further discussed and exchanged the future school-enterprise cooperation pattern.


Through on-site understanding of the current situation and future development of the Songuo project, the Dezhou Transportation Vocational College Study Group stated that the they will further discuss the professional curriculum planning according to the needs and requirements of the company's posts, and the two sides will work together to promote the school-enterprise cooperation process and provide more suitable talents for enterprises.

Wang Zhiyong, leader of the Dezhou High-tech Zone, accompanied the event.