Old City Cadres Came to SONGUO Motors for Guidance
  2019-10-12 14:36:00
On October 10th, Yucheng held a briefing meeting for the old cadres to inform the whole city about the economic development and current key work since 2019. Before the meeting, the delegation of old cadres, accompanied by the city leaders Liu Honggui, Zhang Jianjun and Wang Chunxia, went to the city's key construction projects and enterprises for visiting.


The delegation of the old cadres firstly came to the SONGUO New Energy Equipment Industrial Complex to conduct on-site investigations to understand the progress and achievements of the SONGUO industry project in the conversion of old and new kinetic energy. He listened to the report of Zhou Haiyan, chairman of SONGUO Motors, about the project construction, equipment installation progress and overseas market development and other aspects.

The predecessors planted trees and the people took the cold. The progress and development of Yucheng are all condensed with the hard work, sweat and wisdom of the old cadres. At present, Yucheng is in a critical period of promoting high-quality development and building a well-off society in an all-round way and It requires the care, support, and help from old cadres as always. The municipal party committee and the municipal government stated that they will always attach great importance to old cadres, focus on the strategic goals set by the municipal party committee, comprehensively promote all work to a new level, and act as a leader in coordinated development as one of the national top 100 counties.


Through on-site observation, the delegation of veteran cadres are sincerely pleased with the achievements in the economic construction and social development of the city since the beginning of this year. They are very gratified by the rapid development of SONGUO Motors in Yucheng. The old leaders encourage enterprises to make persistent efforts and strive for an early production.