The ceremony of talents cultivation class of SONGUO held in Yucheng Vocational Education Center.
  2018-12-11 14:34:00
On the morning of Dec.10th, the ceremony of industry and education combination to realize cooperation between Yucheng Vocational School and Songuo Motors was held in the meeting room of Yucheng Vocational School to celebrate the building up of SONGUO management class. Wang Xuedong, vice director general of Dezhou Education Bureau, Teng Haiqiang, Yucheng Mayor, Zhou Liang, deputy secretary of Dezhou high-tech development zone, Zhang Zuyi, director general of Yucheng Education Bureau, and Qian Jun, director general of Yucheng Human resource and social security bureau attended this ceremony,which was held by Zhou Liang, deputy secretary of Party labor committee of Dezhou high-tech development zone.


Zhou Haiyan, chairman of Songuo Motors made a speech and she said talents plays an important role in the competition of new economy both at this moment and in the future. The landing of SONGUO Industrial Complex marked the beginning of Yucheng enterprise with billions of revenue. SONGUO welcomes elites to join in and hopes to realize revolution through talents cultivation. Chairman Zhou specifically depicted the blue print of SONGUO Industrial Complex in the future through data and PPT, winning warm applause from the present leaders, teachers and students.

Wang Xuedong, vice director general of Dezhou Education Bureau made a speech, expressed his high attention on the cooperation between school and enterprise on behalf of Dezhou Party committee and municipal government and Education Bureau and extended his sincere hopes. Yuan Xuejun, Secretary of Party Committee of Yucheng Vocational Education made a brief introduction on school’s current infrastructure and extended his expectations and hopes on the cooperation and the prospect of industry and education combination.

Mayor Teng Haiqiang and Chairman Zhou Haiyan jointly unveiled the nameplate for the cooperation base, marking the new exploration and breakthrough on the mode of school-enterprise cooperation and industry and education combination made by Yucheng.