Lv Xueping, Former Deputy Director of the Yucheng People's Congress Visited SONGUO Motors
  2019-10-18 14:33:00
On the morning of October 16, Lv Xueping, dean of the Yucheng Painting and Calligraphy Institute and former deputy director of the People's Congress, and the delegation, accompanied by the director of the High-tech Zone Investment Promotion Bureau Wu Yanguo, came to the SONGUO Industrial Complex for a site visit.


Director Lv and the delegation came to No. 2 injection molding workshop and No. 3 body workshop of SONGUO Industrial Complex to learn more about the process of project promotion, equipment installation and commissioning.

At the SONGUO Industrial Complex Exhibition Center, Director Lv and the delegation visited the SONGUO SUV, logistics car and SSM new models on display in the exhibition hall. The design style and technical craft of SONGUO Motors won the unanimous praise of the visitors.


At present, the construction of the SONGUO Motors project is in full swing, and all work is progressing in an orderly manner. The first phase of the equipment is in installation, and it is expected that the joint commissioning test will begin at the end of November.