The Supervision Team of Provincial Party Committee Economic Operation Emergency Support Command Investigated Songuo Motors
  2020-02-21 14:26:00
In the afternoon of February 20th, the Supervisory Group of the Provincial Party Committee's Economic Operation Emergency Support Command, led by Gao Fang, a member of the Party Leading Group and Deputy Director of the Provincial Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, accompanied by Wang Aimin, Secretary of the Party Leading Group and Director of the Dezhou Industry and Information Bureau, came to Yucheng to oversee the company situation about resumption of work, production and epidemic prevention and control.

The supervision team came to the New Energy Equipment Industrial Complex to check the implementation of the company's epidemic prevention and control measures, to resume production and operation, and to investigate the infrastructure progress of the Songuo Motors project.

In the Industrial Complex Exhibition Center, the supervision team carefully listened to the instruction of the project leader, focusing on understanding the Songuo's industrial progress, epidemic prevention and control, and returning to work.


The supervision team affirmed the project innovation and rapid development, and required enterprises to strengthen their confidence, properly handle the relationship between epidemic prevention & control and resumption of production, seize development opportunities, base on technological advantages, extend the industrial chain, and continuously enhance corporate market competition to seize market initiatives.

Teng Haiqiang and Wang Jianguo, leaders of Yu Cheng, accompanied the event.