Officials serving temporary positions in NPC (National People’s Congress) visited Songuo Motors for investigation.
  2018-11-23 14:14:00
On the afternoon of Nov.22nd, officials serving temporary positions in NPC (National People’s Congress), accompanied by Zhou Yugang, deputy director of Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Dezhou, carried out investigation and research on Yucheng economic and social development and prominent performance of People’s Congress, visited Yucheng’s major projects and investigated the construction progress. 


In SONGUO show room, the project manager warmly welcomed these visitors, and extended SONUO’s sincere thanks to Yucheng Party committee and municipal governments as well as all government sectors for their full support and enthusiasm, detailed illustrated SONGUO 2018 SUV, electrical cargo car, EPT products and engine, emphasized SONGUO’s forward R&D lasting for 10 years, the planning and construction of the first-phase project as well as overseas orders.


Through site investigation, these visitors have a comprehensive and thorough understanding on Songuo Motors. Deputy director Zhou Yugang spoke highly of SONGUO spirits of overthrowing the traditional industry and innovation, which is worth of learning. Currently, the electrical automotive industry is facing both opportunities and challenges, and it is believed that Songuo Motors can grasp the opportunity, deepen technology innovation, have the courage to make breakthrough and to put into mass production as soon as possible.

Li Yumei, Wang Xinhua and Yang Guozheng of Yucheng government leaders accompanies to visit.