Governor Gong Zheng visited Songuo Motors for Supervision
  2020-03-16 14:02:00
On the morning of March 12, Gong Zheng, deputy secretary of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Governor, went to Songuo Motors to investigate the progress of the project, supervised the epidemic prevention and control, and production resumption. Song Junji, Deputy Secretary-General of the Provincial Government and Director of the General Office; Sun Shouliang, Deputy Secretary-General of the Provincial Government and Director of the Research Office; Cui Jianhai, Deputy Director-general and Secretary of the Party Leading Group of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs; Ma Lixin, member of Health Commission of Shandong Province and Deputy Director, Li Meng, Secretary of the Dezhou Municipal Party Committee, Zhang Anmin, Member of the Standing Committee, Secretary-General of the Dezhou Municipal Committee, and Secretary of the Yucheng Committee accompanied the investigation.

Governor Gong Zheng came to the workshop to understand the infrastructure construction, project technology research and development, market sales, industrial chain support, epidemic prevention and control, etc., and conducted on-site research on problems encountered in the production resumption of the company. He gave a full recognition on the innovation model that overthrew the traditional automobile approaches. He pointed out that Songuo Motors achieved no-stamping, no-welding, and painting-free production through core technology innovations. Unique new materials and new processes let Songuo Motors realized the advantages of energy-saving, recyclable, environmental friendly, light-weight, etc, nearly half of the cost have been saved, comparing with ordinary cars, and the future is bright.
He said that we must overtake at a corner or change a lane to surpass the automobile industry. Songuo Motors has a bright future with overthrowing the tradition and advanced technology. Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government, Dezhou Municipal Party Committee, Yucheng Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government must always share no efforts to support the development of the enterprises, meet the needs of enterprises including production qualifications, implement various strong enterprise-benefit policies, and effectively solve the actual problems and difficulties for enterprises.

When talking about the future development and layout of the company in the survey, Governor Gong Zheng said that he hoped that Songuo would set the headquarters and R&D base here for the layout of the industrial chain. The superior geographical location and environmental advantages of Dezhou, as well as the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, can provide strong support for the industrial development of Songuo.
At present, the epidemic prevention and control is the most important thing. Governor Gong Zheng emphasized that it is necessary to deeply implement the spirit of President Xi Jinping's important instructions on coordinating epidemic prevention & control and economic & social development, and to plan and promote the epidemic prevention and control, return to work and production. Shandong is confident and capable to win this war of people, the war for all, and the battle of epidemic! As Songuo team has a large number of foreign technical personnel, it is particularly necessary to conduct epidemic prevention and control effectively with isolation for work resumption, and at the same time do a good job for project construction. In the future, I hope to hear more good news of development of the enterprises, and look forward to coming to visit Songuo again for the full-scale mass production in July.


Teng Haiqiang, Wang Jianguo and Li Wenqiang, leaders of Yucheng, accompanied the event.