Shandong Provincial Party Committee Political Research Office visited Songuo Motors for instruction and research.
  2018-11-02 13:52:00
On the morning of Nov.1st, 2018, ten people from political research office of Shandong Provincial Party Committee, led by deputy director of Chen Yingfang and accompanied by Dezhou government leaders, came to Yucheng to carry out research on the local major projects building.


In SONGUO show room, Zhang Anmin, secretary of Yucheng Party committee and Zhou Haiyan, chairman of Songuo Motors warmly received the visitors. Secretary Zhang Anmin personally illustrated SONGUO’s R&D process lasting for ten years, excellent R&D team including 600 elites, innovative production technique adopting new materials to overthrow the traditional auto industry, module production, and listed technology advantages one by one. The active behavior and vigorous support of Yucheng Party Committee and Municipal Government won high appraise from leaders of political research office of Shandong Provincial Party Committee.


Chairman Zhou introduced in detail the SONGUO’s project planning in the future three to five years, the landing of overseas SKD factory, purchase orders in 2019, and she believed SONGUO can realize new production technique by adopting new materials, transform production process from complexity to simplicity with innovative technology, and create billion-level enterprise in electrical auto industry.

After watching the hit experiment of high polymer material, deputy director Chen Yingfang of political research office expressed Songuo Motors dares to innovate, overthrow tradition, adopt high polymer new materials, provide new power and benefit to environment, which shall be promoted broadly.

Zhang Anmin, Zhang Jianjun and Li Wenqiang of Yucheng municipal government accompanied the visit.