Yucheng municipal government office carried out an investigation and research on SONGUO project.
  2018-10-29 13:43:00
On the morning of Oct.27th, Yucheng municipal government office carried out an investigation on major projects in Yucheng. In SONGUO show room, the project manager warmly received the government leaders and extended sincere thankfulness to Yucheng Party and municipal government for paying much attention to SONGUO project. The PM said SONGUO would like to invite the investigation team to visit SONGUO again for experience and instructions when another six new models and thirty demo cars are put into production.


The PM introduced SONGUO’s innovative production process adopting new material to overthrow traditional auto industry, overseas market expansion and orders. The investigation team viewed joyfully 2018 new SUV, electrical cargo car, pick-up, showed great interests in SONGUO’s products, and highly recognized SONGUO’s technology and R&D. Through site investigation, they knew more about SONGUO product characteristics, market prospects, planning, spoke highly of construction process which is changing day by day and had high expectation on SONGUO’s future.


Wang Zhiyong, a leader from Dezhou high-tech development zone accompanied the visit.