Post-doctoral student from Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) visited Songuo Motors
  2018-10-29 13:40:00
On the afternoon of Oct.27th, the delegation of post-doctoral student from Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) visited Songuo Motors, which were warmly received by SONGUO project manager. The delegation were given a detailed illustration on 2018 new SUV, electrical cargo car with capacity of one ton, gas engine, motor and electrical controlling technology and powertrain system, and they expressed their insights on electrical auto industry technology and development, showing their professional quality.


Through hit experiment of high polymer material on the site, the delegation was surprised at SONGUO’s innovative production process which adopted new material to overthrow traditional auto industry. Ouyang Zhu, director of Institute of Geographic Science & Natural Resources Research, CAS and head of Yucheng comprehensive experimental station examined carefully the high polymer material and spoke highly of the unique material and characters. He said technology innovation is a breakthrough in new energy industry, a big progress for auto industry and this kind of innovative spirit is needed by each industry. He encouraged SONGUO to continue to maintain innovative advantages and prevail.


Liu Honggui and Zhang Jianjun of Yucheng municipal government accompanied the visit.