NC Graduates of 2019 from Vocational Education Center invited to SONGUO for visit and learning
  2018-10-27 13:38:00
In order to select excellent students to work as an intern in SONGUO, the graduates from Yucheng Vocational Education Center were invited to visit SONGUO show room to carry out cooperation between enterprise and school. On the afternoon of Oct.26th, the graduates of 2019 majored in Numerical Control (NC) came to SONGUO project for a visit. They were showed around SONGUO’s first phase project site, warehouse, and industry complex. In SONGUO show room, the project manager emphasized SONGUO’s innovative technology, strong strength, blueprint and project planning which attracted students’ great interest and they were very confident in SONGUO’s future prospect.


During the hit test on high polymer material, everyone wanted a try. The project manager selected a strong student to do the test. Through the test, the hardness and toughness of the material and the innovative and distinctive production process won high appraise from the present teachers and students.

Through interactive learning, the students raised a lot of questions about 2018 new models, company welfare, platform development, etc. and the project manager made a detailed illustration and answered them from all aspects. And these students hoped to work as intern after graduation.


SONGUO and Yucheng Vocational Education Center will carry out cooperation in conducting target training for technical talent and sharing technology R&D, etc. in the future.