Korea VCTech visited Songuo Motors
  2018-10-25 13:34:00
On the morning of Oct.23rd, the delegation from Korea VCTECH and its subsidiary companies, led by Li Renxi, visited Songuo Motors and had talks on further business cooperation.


The delegation visited the first phase of SONGUO project, knew more about the construction process, product distribution and future development plan, etc. In SONGUO show room, CEO SHIN YONGBOK illustrated the performance and configuration of 2018 SUV, car body made of high polymer material, powertrain system and range, and also invited the guests to experience the hit test of high polymer material.

Through site investigation, VCTech delegation spoke highly of the technology, product and planning of Songuo Motors, and hoped the two sides can strengthen the communication between technology and market to realize mutual cooperation.

VCTech and SONGUO made a deep communication and reach an agreement on future cooperation.