Dezhou Administration of Industry and Information Technology investigated SONGUO MOTORS
  2020-04-17 13:30:00
To maintain “The Fourteenth Five-Year Plan” and accelerate the construction of Dezhou new industrialization strong city, on the afternoon of 15th April, Xia Lianhong, deputy secretary general of Dezhou government, Wang Mingjie, deputy director general of Dezhou Administration of Industry and Information Technology, and member of Party Leading Group, leading people in charge of Hejun Cousulting Company, investigated SONGUO MOTORS. Zhao Rutao, director of Dezhou Industry and Development Center, and Wang Yanling of Dezhou Administration of Industry and Information Technology Technical Transformation Management Section, accompanied the investigation.

The investigation group inspected the infrastructure construction, industry layout, R&D production, market, key project reserve of SONGUO project on spot and had  an on-site forum with people in charge.

The investigation group agreed on SONGUO’s insistence of independently R&D and technology innovation, expected that the project would play a leading role of the industry in the future development of Dezhou industrialization strong city, and hoped that SONGUO consolidate industrial foundation and make contribution to achievement of subregion economic leapfrog development.

Wang Jianguo, official of Yucheng City, Sun Bin from Administration of Industry and Information Technology and relevant people in charge accompanied the event.